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Mycotoxin Binder for Animal Feeds


Myco-Pro is a broad-spectrum toxin binder that improves feed intake and weight gain without limiting vitamins, minerals and drug treatment.


Myco-Pro is formulated to enhance immunity, increase cost-effective diets, improve weight gain and reduce feed conversion. It is a scientifically-proven natural mycotoxin binder and feed ingredient for optimal animal performance.

This innovative product has been researched and developed to address the most common toxins present in non-animal raw materials.

  • A mixture of activated binders and fermentation extracts for broad spectrum mycotoxin management
  • Effective in mitigation of all mycotoxins
  • Low inclusion rate
  • Highly economical

The Science

Made up of a high surface of the cell wall from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast and high adsorbant clay minerals, Myco-Pro provides a combination that, through scientific study, has shown synergy and the positive capture of mycotoxins in the GI tract.

By exerting its full effect when in the GI tract, Myco-Pro traps the mycotoxins, forcing them to pass through the system and voided safely in the feces. By preventing absorption of the toxins into the animal’s body, the harmful effects can be avoided using this product daily into ration.

Contains high adsorbent clay minerals, dried yeast cell wall (12% MOS and 20% beta-glucanase), yeast fermentation extract.

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