Your All-Natural Solution.

BIO-PRO Bovine Paste

For all classes of Beef and Dairy Cattle

Bio-Pro Bovine Paste

Bio-Pro Bovine Paste is a unique companion to Bio-Pro Calf Powder, which serves as a highly concentrated source of selected host-specific strains of beneficial bacteria, live cell yeast, egg-source immune factors and vitamin E.

Serves as the cornerstone of our Calf Program which is a proven and highly acclaimed All-Natural approach to successfully rearing calves.


Highly effective as an All-Natural treatment for:

  • Scours
  • Digestive upsets
  • Off-feed

And more, when administered for three consecutive days.

The Science

The combination of proprietary strains of host-specific, complementary beneficial bacteria in Bio-Pro Bovine Paste provides the proper microbial balance and maximum microbial activity in the gastrointestinal tract.

Live cell yeast in Bio-Pro Bovine Paste provides a very potent multi-enzyme source. It also serves as an appetite enhancer and promotes growth of bacteria contained in the product as well as those already residing in the digestive tract.

The combination of bovine-specific, beneficial microbial strains and live cell yeast in Bio-Pro Bovine Paste is extremely useful in replenishing or re-establishing desirable microflora in cattle during and following stressful conditions.

The egg-source immune factors in Bio-Pro Bovine Paste provide highly effective immune stimulation.

The high level of vitamin E in Bio-Pro Bovine Paste helps prevent tissue oxidation and is of the utmost importance in immuno-suppressed cattle.

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