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Bio-Pro Calf Powder

For all classes of Beef and Dairy Cattle

Bio-Pro Calf Powder

Bio-Pro Calf Powder is a companion product to Bio-Pro Bovine Paste. While the paste serves as a concentrated initial inoculation of bovine-specific lactic bacteria, live cell yeast, egg-source immune factors, and vitamin E, Bio-Pro Calf Powder is intended for a very economical, long term benefit to calves.


Bio-Pro Calf Powder is recommended for use during the first three to six weeks of age as a supplemental source of beneficial bacteria, live cell yeast, egg-source immune factors and vitamin E.

The Science

The live cell yeast combined with bovine-specific strains of micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria, provide a unique microbial product for calves or other classes of cattle requiring similar supplementation or restoration.

The combination of bovine-specific, beneficial microbial strains and live cell yeast in Bio-Pro Calf Powder is extremely useful in replenishing or re-establishing desirable microflora in cattle during and following stressful conditions.

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