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Bio-Pro DFM

For all classes of Beef and Dairy Cattle

Bio-Pro DFM

The most complete, species-specific direct fed microbial available to beef and dairy producers


What is a direct fed microbial or probiotic?

These are products which contain beneficial lactic acid producing bacteria normally found in the lower gut of all animals and man. Their presence hinders the growth of harmful bacteria thus enhancing animal productivity.

How are they different from antibiotics?

Probiotics are naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria as mentioned previously. Antibiotics are drugs that destroy all bacteria, harmful as well as beneficial. Antibiotics continue to receive much scrutiny today because animals can develop immunity to them and drug residues can show up in tissue and milk.

Bio-Pro is a species-specific product.

  • This means that the bacteria present are harvested from the same specie to which it will be administered. This feature results in a higher activity and more efficient utilization by the animal compared to products comprised of blended bacterial cultures from various species.
  • Contains a broad spectrum of B-vitamins to supplement the needs of those animals experiencing ruminal stress and to assist in energy metabolism.
  • A very cost effective product which has yielded highly consistent results worldwide in all types of cattle operations.

The Science

Although several possible modes of action have been suggested, it is generally thought that the beneficial bacteria tie up reaction sites in the lower gut that could/would be occupied by harmful bacteria. There is ample evidence that supplemented beneficial bacteria must be host-specific in order to attach to the animal’s intestinal lining. Also, by producing lactic acid, beneficial bacteria tend to lower intestinal pH to a level which makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to live and grow. These modes of action have come to be known as “Competitive Exclusion.”

Bio-Pro is a highly concentrated product with over 240 Billion colony forming units (CFU’s) per lb. CFU’s indicate the number of microorganisms which when consumed can grow and multiply in the animal.

Bio-Pro contains live cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) which serves as a source of enzymes and B- vitamins and enhance the number of fiber digesting bacteria in the rumen thereby improving fiber digestion.

Bio-Pro contains a selected yucca extract which has been shown to increase nitrogen retention and in turn dietary protein utilization.

Bio-Pro contains Aspergillus oryzae (AO) which serves as a source of starch digesting enzymes. AO has been shown to improve nutrient utilization, milk production and growth rates while also reducing body temperature in heat-stressed cattle. The effectiveness of AO is greater in the presence of live cell yeast.

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