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Bio-Pro Equine Paste

For all classes of Equine

Bio-Pro Equine Paste

An oral dose of selected host-specific lactic bacteria for gastrointestinal supplementation in horses.


A source of live, naturally occurring, host specific microorganisms for Equine subjected to changing environment, training, working, or transporting.

  • Appetite enhancer
  • Highly effective immune stimulation
  • Helps prevent tissue oxidation

The Science

The five strains of beneficial bacteria in Bio-Pro Equine Paste are selected for unique features such as adaptability, viability and other biological characteristics specific to the equine digestive system.

The multiple strain formula has a synergistic, broad spectrum activity that is extremely useful in replenishing or re-establishing desirable microflora in horses during or following stressful conditions.

Live cell yeast is included to provide a very potent multi-enzyme source. It also serves as an appetite enhancer and promotes growth of bacteria contained in the product as well as those already residing in the digestive tract.

The egg-source immune factors in Bio-Pro Equine Paste provide highly effective immune stimulation.

The high level of vitamin E in Bio-Pro Equine Paste helps prevent tissue oxidation and is of the utmost importance in immuno-suppressed horses.

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