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Head Start Calf Supplement

For Newborn Beef and Dairy Calves

Bio-Pro Head Start

Designed to provide protection and immune stimulation to newborn calves who have limited or no access to good quality maternal colostrum.


Recommended for use during the first 24 hours after birth.

Designed to serve as a high quality colostrum supplement for newborn calves who have limited or no access to good quality maternal colostrum during the first 24 hours of life.

Immediate and high impact on challenged calves

Provides highly effective immune stimulation

The Science

By providing a concentrated initial inoculation of bovine-specific lactic bacteria, live cell yeast, egg-source immune factors, and natural vitamin E, Bio-Pro Head Start is an immediate and high impact product on these challenged calves.

The live cell yeast, combined with bovine-specific strains of micro-encapsulated beneficial bacteria, is extremely useful in establishing desirable micro flora in these newborn calves before undesirable bacteria can colonize the intestine.

The egg-source immune factors in Bio-Pro Head Start provide highly effective immune stimulation.

The high level of natural vitamin E in Bio-Pro Head Start helps prevent tissue oxidation and is of the utmost importance in immuno-suppressed cattle.

Supporting Research

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