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Bovine PowerPunch Plus

For Postpartum Cows

Bio-Pro PowerPunch Plus

Designed to use in postpartum cows for the prevention and treatment of ketosis, milk fever, dehydration, and other related disorders.

Help ensure a smooth transition for your cows by minimizing calving problems and maximizing start-up milk yield with Bio-Pro PowerPunch Plus today!


In addition to providing the same benefits as PowerPunch such as:

  • a high concentration of readily available energy
  • accelerating appetite, feed intake, and start-up milk yield
  • bolstering immunity during periods of transitional stress

PowerPunch Plus also provides:

  • highly available calcium sources at a combined level of 10%
  • proven electrolytes to help prevent dehydration in cows after calving

The Science

The calcium in Bio-Pro PowerPunch Plus is derived from calcium propionate and calcium sulfate which are more bioavailable to the cows than other calcium sources.

Supporting Research

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