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Finesse Cattle Minerals

Premium Cattle Minerals

Finesse Cattle Minerals

Finesse Premium Cattle Minerals with Matrix Technology

Finesse mineral supplements ensure optimum herd health, immunity, growth and reproductive efficiency.


Premium, All-Natural, free-choice complete mineral supplements which enable cattle producers to match their mineral program to specific nutritional needs, forage quality, and seasonal variation.

Special Features:

  • Matrix Vasodilation Technology
  • Flow-Pro Toxin Management and Anti-Caking Technology
  • High levels of key vitamins and trace minerals
  • Over 25% of trace minerals from organics and chelates
  • Added B-vitamins
  • Highly palatable and consistent
  • Formulas also available with Hoof-Pro All-Natural Hoof Health Technology

Finesse Premium Cattle Minerals are available in 12:12 (High Phosphorus), 2:1 (Normal Phosphorus), High Mag (10% Magnesium) and Wagyu-Specific formulas.

The Science

Matrix: Advances in nutrition and feeding have allowed us to incorporate our proprietary Matrix technology into the Hoof-Pro formula.

This technology is based on more than 30 years of research with a precise blend of natural plant extracts. Designed to deliver more nutrients to an animal at the cellular level by enhancing blood flow, Hoof-Pro will help your animals reach their genetic potential for whichever physiological demand is the greatest.

Vasodilation diagram

Flow-Pro: Specific ionic binding/adsorption (hydrophobic or non-swelling which does not trap soluble vitamins or nutrients and lipophobic which does no trap fats or fat soluble vitamins or nutrients)

High Levels of: key vitamins and trace minerals; over 25% of trace minerals from organics or chelates, added B-vitamins.

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