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Finesse with Matrix

Beef Cattle Finishing Supplement

Finesse with Matrix

Beef cattle finishing supplement with Matrix Technology. For further manufacture of livestock feed and supplements.


Beef Cattle Finishing Supplement:

  • All-Natural, no drug stigma or withdrawal
  • Highly unique and derived from decades of research and practical experience with feeding American and Japanese Wagyu cattle
  • Positively impacts entire digestive, circulatory and immune systems
  • Increases intramuscular fat deposition (marbling), ribeye area, carcass yield, meat color and texture, and meat shelf life
  • Results in an enhanced and more consistent appetite with an associated improvement in feed efficiency and reduced days on feed
  • Reduces effects of environmental stress on animal performance and carcass quality, and minimized fecal shedding of pathogenic bacteria
  • Highly palatable and may be topdressed or blended into feed ration

The Science

A multidimensional product comprised of an array of proven intellectual properties/technologies including All-Natural vasodilators, beneficial host-specific bacteria, rumen modifiers, toxin mitigants, and immune boosters.

Vasodilation diagram

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