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Platinum Maxx R

For Ruminants

Platinum Maxx R

A supplemental source of protein, vitamins, minerals, live (viable) bacteria and natural vasodilators for cattle, wildlife, sheep and goats (ruminants). Platinum Maxx is a truly unique top dress pelleted supplement for show animals, flush cows, and wildlife.

The “total” approach of Maxx combines today’s cutting edge nutrition and animal health technologies with time proven feeding strategies.


The best and most complete show supplement on the market today.

  • Maximizes muscle growth, adds depth and show day fill
  • Exerts a strong, calming effect on nervous or high stress animals
  • Provides intense focus and maximizes the potential for your animal athlete during competition
  • Conserves energy, drives appetite, increases efficiency, improves performance

The Science

Appetite: Our well-proven blend of host-specific beneficial bacteria, live cell yeast, flavoring technology, and highly palatable carriers, result in an aggressive and consistent appetite at all times.

Performance: By establishing and maintaining a healthy digestive system from our highly specific beneficial bacteria strains and live cell yeast, you will maximize your animal’s performance day after day while minimizing the adverse effects of environmental stress. High quality rumen bypass protein, amino acids and a highly refined yucca extract in Maxx also play a major role in maximizing protein utilization.

Matrix: Advances in nutrition and feeding have allowed us to incorporate our proprietary Matrix technology into the Maxx formula to help maximize growth, milk yield, reproduction, etc.

This technology is based on more than 30 years of research with a precise blend of natural plant extracts. Designed to deliver more nutrients to an animal at the cellular level by enhancing blood flow, Maxx will help your animals reach their genetic potential for whichever physiological demand is the greatest.

Health: Maxx provides a huge boost in overall animal health and reproduction by providing key vitamins and highly bio-available trace minerals which are vital in an effective immune system. Highly specialized egg-derived immune factors are also included to protect the animal’s intestinal tract from bacterial and viral infections.

Bloom: Bloom is something often talked about but seldom describes. It is actually a freshness and shine an animal exhibits. A lustrous hair coat, bright eyes, alert eyes, supple skin and growthiness are all part of bloom. Max produces bloom in a “total approach” by providing your animal with key nutrients and disease fighting factors which:

  • Maximize appetite so you are in charge of your animal’s daily intake, not limited by it
  • Aid digestion to insure optimum feed efficiency
  • Enhance your animal’s genetic ability to grow, milk and reproduce
  • Nourish, condition, and grow healthy hair and hooves
  • Bolster the immune system by supplementing high quality vitamins, highly bio-available trace minerals, and egg-derived immune factors to make sure your animal is on feed and on target daily.

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