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Committed to the development of All-Natural solutions for meat and milk producers worldwide.

Our team of professionals contribute to cutting edge product research and development, and successful application of the products in all species. Our line of direct fed microbial or probiotic products uniquely compliment today’s commercial livestock enterprises. These products contain live, naturally occurring, host-specific strains of beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics offer an All-Natural approach for today’s producers in managing the health and performance of their operation without antibiotics. The presence of these probiotics hinders the growth of harmful bacteria and therefore enhances animal productivity.

We have an All-Natural solution for every operation’s need. Please contact our professional nutrition staff for assistance in determining the best solution for you.



All-Natural, one- of-a-kind feed additive

Matrix is the only product on the market today which addresses the animal’s entire digestive and circulatory systems through natural means resulting in increased growth, milk yield, more consistent feed intake, improved metabolic efficiency and, most importantly, a healthier animal.

Flow-Pro AC

Flow-Pro AC

Dry Anti-Caking agent to optimally and economically reduce caking and enhance the flowability of feed materials during processing and storage.


Bio-Pro 150 Colostrum Replacer

Specifically designed to completely replace maternal colostrum for newborn dairy or beef calves.

Bio-Pro Head Start

Designed to serve as a high quality colostrum supplement for newborn calves while providing highly effective immune protection.

Bio-Pro PowerPunch

Designed for both pre & postpartum cattle to help avoid many of the pitfalls associated with the stress of calving and high production demand.

Bio-Pro PowerPunch Plus

Designed to use in postpartum cattle for the prevention and treatment of ketosis, milk fever, dehydration, and other related disorders.


Designed for the overall improvement of hoof health.

Prime Rib

Designed for adding depth and body to all classes of livestock.

Restore Bovine Electrolyte Supplement

Designed to replenish important electrolytes and energy in stressed calves.

Platinum Maxx R

Complete show supplement designed for ruminants.

Platinum Maxx M

Complete show supplement designed for monogastrics.

Protocol Equine Maxx

Unique supplement for performance horses that addresses key issues simultaneously in animal health.

Protocol Equine Maxx Plus

Provides all the benefits of our Equine Maxx but with added joint protective agents.

Feed Additives


All-Natural, one-of-a-kind feed additive.


The Organic version of matrix, our All-Natural, one-of-a-kind feed additive for ruminants; OMRI listed for Organic use.


The monogastric form of our Matrix feed additive for all classes of horses, swine, poultry.

Finesse with Matrix Technology

Beef cattle finishing supplement.

Flow-Pro AC

Dry anti-caking agent; OMRI listed for Organic use.

Bio-Pro DFM

Most complete, species-specific direct fed microbial available to beef and dairy producers.

Cell-Pro Yeast

Economical source of yeast culture and live, viable cells.


Bio-Pro Bovine Paste

Provides highly effective immune protection, prevents tissue oxidation, and an All-Natural treatment for scours, digestive upsets, off-feed, etc.

Bio-Pro Calf Powder

Designed for a very economical daily inoculation and longer term benefit to calves providing highly effective immune protection.

Bio-Pro Swine Paste

An oral dose of selected host-specific lactic bacteria for gastrointestinal supplementation.

Bio-Pro Swine Powder

Companion product to Bio-Pro Swine Paste.

Bio-Pro Equine Paste

Appetite enhancer, helps prevent tissue oxidation, and provides highly effective immune stimulation.

Bio-Pro Fawn Paste

Immune system starter.

Bio-Pro Pet Paste

A source of live, (viable), selected host-specific lactic bacteria and vitamin E for dogs, cats and other small mammals.


Finesse Premium Cattle Minerals

Ensure optimum herd health, immunity, growth and reproductive efficiency.

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